Mr.Tourette And I

Just A Taste

”Mr. Tourette and I” – unique physical comedy and serious information with no technical shortcuts, just body language and verbal impulses and of course… Pelle’s story.
Pelle Sandstrak hails from the north of Norway. Among other things, he has worked as an funeral agent, caretaker, muffin distrubitor, and stand up comic. Today he is active both as a professional speaker and writer, and a barista roasting his own coffee.

He tours the globe with his ”Mr. Tourette and I” monologue. Pelle is the 2007 winner of the ”The Light of the Year” award in Sweden. This award is given to someone who has inspired and given hope to others.

With a bare stage, two chairs and a story told straight forward Pelle will take you from the depths of despair to traveling the globe raising awareness and inspiring others .

A different speech baked into an informative stand up tragedy with a happy end. Bare stage, two chairs, a story told straight forward with physical bodylanguage and verbal impulses. How do you control The Impulse, can The Impulse be controlled, is The Impulse supposed to be controlled – and for whom? Or – as normal as I want to be And – how well can you get before you become too Normal?

Pelle Sandstrak’s story will evoke emotion, humour and compassion all in the same evening. Don’t miss this once in a life time opportunity to hear from this dynamic and engaging speaker. Oh, and did we mention that Pelle has Tourette Syndrome?

About Mr. Tourette And I

Magical rituals, tics, impulses and double-life suddenly got a name and a new possibility. Using absurd comedy and serious information Pelle Sandstrak shows and tells us about all those Strange and magical years, until he got to know what the Strange things was, and became as well as I want to be.

”But Pelle, you look quite normal to be a´Tourette kind of….” My answer : ”And You look quite ugly to be a Normal kind of….”

Pelle Sandstraks talks can be presented in different version depending on where, for whom and how. He performs in big movie theaters and small classrooms, or where You want him to perform. The talks can be from ten minutes to six hours.


Just A Taste

From sleeping in a carwreck in the eighties, occupied with/by OCD and Tourette, to become as Normal As I Want To Be twenty years later. Thanks to his own mission: iDisturbed+. How I became as well as I wanted to be, or – how Normal would YOU like to be? Have you ever met a Normal human being, if so – did you enjoy it?



Pelle Sandstrak also take the time to get together with kids and familys who would like to have a chat, listen to his story, sharing experiences. This could be arranged either from schools, foundations or different kinds of events.